Eric Prugh: here's a picture of me!

About M(e)

Hi there. My friends call me E. Or Prugh.

I am a creative, a marketer, a technologist, a consultant, and a proven leader. My areas of technology expertise are web applications, APIs, integration, data management, and marketing measurement & analysis. My areas of strategic expertise in marketing are in email, mobile, and social.

How did I get here?

I started my career at the age of 13 when I received an HTML book as a gift from my parents for my birthday. Most people ask me, “Why did your parents buy you a book on HTML?” Well, I’m embarrassed to say, it’s because I asked for it.

I learned very quickly what makes websites tick. It was an internship at a web house in Indianapolis called Webize where I began to see the work of Flash and dynamic websites truly come to life. I pursued my passion and got a degree in Interactive Multimedia & Design with Computer Graphics Technology from Purdue University and decided to become a web developer out of school.

I realized then that I’m actually not a very good developer.

But one thing I figured out is that a lot of business-oriented folks had trouble grasping the capabilities and the true power of technology. This is one thing I could do well.

Technology and marketing, like, working together?

It’s this background and comfort I’ve garnered in technology over the years that allows me to think of software, data, and channels like social not as the end itself, but rather as a catalyst for a more important vision; simply a piece of a broader puzzle; a means to an end. Even if you have the best features and functions in the world, without the vision and the end state in mind, technology is just a tool.

My passion is this: Embracing the true capability and vision of technology to make businesses successful through a more data-centric customer experience.

Marketing own all the goals, the tactics, and the initiatives that drive revenue to any business, yet many marketers don’t know the technical capabilities of how to envision the details of what they want.

I believe the use of technology is incredibly important to any marketer’s knowledge. In today’s age of marketing, the use of data is what drives the world’s leading interactive marketing programs.

Currently, I work for an amazing software company called ExactTarget that was acquired by in 2013 for $2.5 billion. I’ve traveled the world talking about marketing, building products, and working closely with global enterprise brands to help them make the best customer experience possible through effective use of strategy, content, data, and the customer journey. I’m now making that happen in the R&D/Product side of the house but came from our Solutions Consulting practice. My passion as it stands today is combining technology with a deep understanding of business & strategy to making clear the end goal.

If you’re curious, want to grab a coffee, or have a chat about the crazy world we live in, shoot me an email at eric [at] or get in touch by filling out my contact form.